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Outdoor Power & Lighting

The outdoors brings its own challenge – the weather. Taking your electric installations outside must be carefully planned and installed.

When considering your plans for the garden, be it large or small, remember that as far as your outdoor electrics are concerned the garden is the most dangerous place in the home environment for injuries.

External electrics are particularly hazardous due to the presence of water, damp, humidity, lack of clothing, and the extremes of weather, which can make equipment deteriorate faster outdoors.

How Part P Affects you & the plans for your garden

Part – P of the building regulations now effectively bans garden enthusiasts from installing their own electrics in ponds, sheds, garages and greenhouses which means that all electrical work in the garden must be carried out by a government approved electrician registered with the NICEIC; like Ampthill Electrical Services.

According to the regulations, gardeners are allowed to maintain and replace existing equipment. However, because the risk of electric shock is far greater outside, a government approved electrician who can provide a certificate, such as one registered by the NICEIC must undertake all other work. That’s where Ampthill Electrical Services can help you.

Part P applies to garden lighting, pond lighting, pond pumps, swimming pools, and saunas, along with outbuildings such as sheds, detached garages and greenhouses.

Local authorities can order the removal or correction of any work that does not comply and you could be fined up to £5,000.

Whether its power to your shed, garage or water feature, the latest LED lighting in your decking with wireless remote switching, or simply adding a single security light to your home, Ampthill Electrical Services can advise you of all the available options and provide a solution to meet your needs with full certification.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) using their historical statistics, around 300,000 people will be injured in their gardens this year and a significant proportion will be related to electrical injuries.