Ampthill Electrical Services

Full & Part Rewires

Electrical rewiring involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical equipment, eg; cables, fittings, distribution boards, etc.

This work can vary from a full rewire replacing all cables, fittings, distribution equipment, etc with the cables chased into the walls & completely hidden to a surface rewire where the cables are hidden in mini trunking fitted onto the surface of the walls.

A part rewire may be the replacement of a section of the installation or just the updating of the fuseboxes, fittings or cables to upgrade an installation to the current regulations.

Experienced Electricians

Our electricians have many years experience in rewiring existing properties. We offer free quotations for work ranging from a full rewire to a selection of small alterations & repairs.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements & advise on the work requested. Please call us on 01525 632921 or 07977 173452


* In a survey conducted by Electrical Safety Council, 48% of respondents didn’t realise
that household electrics should be safety checked at least every 10 years.